Centum Investment Company Kenya 3.0

People have been touted as the true competitive advantage for the 21st century businesses. With the rapidly changing business terrain and increasing competition, business leaders are increasingly acknowledging that talent is what will help them navigate this complex business environment, keep them competitive and sustainable.

Businesses hoping to survive and differentiate themselves must therefore have the right number and caliber of talent at the right place at all times. Readily available talent helps organizations to be agile, a critical characteristic in a dynamic and competitive environment. Creating and maintaining talent pipelines has become a critical business imperative.
This business imperative is a reality for Centum. With the current Pan African focus, planned growth of over 400% during the current strategy period and diversification targets, Centum realizes that a solid talent base is essential to the attainment of its objectives.
In this regard, Centum’s leadership development programme (LDP) provides a platform for systematically and sustainably developing its leadership pipeline for effective running of the business today and in future.
The LDP applies to the entire team at Centum seeks to harness the leadership potential from the entry level to the head of the organization.
We have structured the program around the key transitional levels/milestones in a leader’s career, namely:
  • Leading self
  • Leading others
  • Leading a business unit
  • Leading the enterprise
Through use of various interventions, the program design is deliberate to ensure that all the levels of staff are comprehensively covered. This way centum can ensure a strong talent bench.


Centum Graduate Program

The graduate program is an annual initiative within the leadership development progra...

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Centum Graduate Program