Centum Investment Company Kenya 3.0


Incorporated as an affiliate of the Kenyan government-owned Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) with a seed capital of USD 26,000 and named Industrial Commercial Development Corporation Investment (ICDCI). In the same year, it was listed on the then Nairobi Stock Exchange.
ICDCI adopted an independent management team, with ICDC ceding day-to-day management and decreasing its shareholding. This was the first step into the formulation of the company that was to become Centum.
Name changed from ICDCI to Centum Investment Company Limited (Centum).
Centum embarked on an aggressive 5 year Pan African strategy that saw the company re-organised into three distinct business lines; Private Equity (PE) Quoted Private Equity (QPE) and Real Estate and Infrastructure (RE&I).
The company repositioned itself to better manage third party funds as well as for growth by reorienting the three business lines to become wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent company Centum.
Nabo Capital, (formerly Centum Asset Managers) – one of the wholly owned subsidiaries – acquired approval from the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) to manage third party funds. In addition, Genesis Kenya – with KES 116 Billion of assets under management – joined the Centum family as part of our drive to grow third party fund management.
Centum meets the 2009 – 14 targets and launches a new strategy which sees it develop, scale and grow investment capabilities in 8 new sectors: agriculture, education, healthcare, energy, financial services, FMCGs, ICT and real estate.


The Board of directors (“the Board”) of Centum Investment Company Limited (Centum) is the core of Centums system of corporate governance and is ul...

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