Centum Investment Company Kenya 3.0

Agribusiness is the mainstay of Kenya’s economy employing a majority of its workforce and contributing at least 25 percent of the country’s GDP. Despite this, the sector still performs below its potential due to underinvestment. We therefore seek to create investment grade opportunities in this sector.

We intend to leverage our resources to create Greenfield assets in the sector by de-risking opportunities and providing the foremost platform for investors looking to invest in the sector within East Africa.

In line with Centum 3.0, the pillars of our strategy in Agribusiness include:

  • Integration: We want to tap into the entire value chain so as to capture a large proportion of the value of the end product
  • Scale: We will focus on scalable opportunities that leverage our strengths
  • Focus: Concentrate on opportunities where high value can be unlocked
  • Market attractiveness: Capitalize on areas that will allow us to serve an under-served market
  • Expertise: We will acquire and build expertise to streamline implementation of our strategy



Greenblade Growers Limited is a vertically integrated grower, processor, exporter, and marketer of fresh vegetables and herbs from Kenya.

Greenblade’s resolve is to be the leading grower, processor and exporter of the highest quality fresh vegetables and premium herbs that are packed to the highest standards.

We endeavor to provide quality products which redefine what health and delicious vegetables and herbs should be.

We have a 120 Acre farm that serves as our primary growing and packing location in Tumaini, Ol Kalou which is roughly 2 hours drive from Nairobi. Tumaini is located along the Aberdare Ranges.