Centum Investment Company Kenya 3.0

A young growing population coupled with increasing urbanization are driving the growth of K12 education in Africa. More than a billion people live in Africa, with 40% being younger than 15 years. Education is a crucial component in regional development as it democratizes access to economic opportunities and speeds up the pace of growth. We joined forces with partners who are passionate about educating children for this reason.

On 1st July 2015, Centum, SABIS Holdings and Investbridge Capital signed a Memorandum of Understanding opening the way for construction of twenty K12 schools throughout the African continent. The Cost of each school is estimated to be between USD 20 million to USD 30 million. The aim is to provide affordable, world class education to the African market. The consortium intends to build its first school in Kenya before expanding to Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt then other viable African Markets.

SABIS has more than 100 years’ experience in providing first world education and serves more than 70,000 students across four continents. The company has a track record of outstanding academic performance globally. Investbridge is an asset manager and advisory firm with a specialty in real estate and financing in the MENA region.